The 2015 Austin Film Festival!

AFFWhile I may have missed last year’s Austin Film Festival (AFF) due to having a baby, I consider myself an annual attendee. Well this year is special for me, because I will be a panelist. I look forward to seeing you all there, and especially at the barbecue! To see my panels, click here. 
Here are some highlights I’m seeing for this year’s festival:

  • Michael Weber and Scott Neustadter will be there! They have been doing some amazing writing since 500 Days of Summer and recently with The Fault in Our Stars. They know how to get to the heart of the movie and its characters, and Scott and I share the same screenwriting instructor, which is cool (Marc Lapadulla).
  • A live Scriptnotes with their 3 page challenge. John August and Craig Mazin always deliver and are, in my mind, a highlight of the festival. If you aren’t listening to the Scriptnotes podcast, hurry up and listen to all 200 or so that they have done, so you’re ready for the AFF.
  • Pixar people galore. That’s right, Pixar must look at this as a recruiting event or they just love going to Austin, because they are sending a number of folks. In the past I interacted with a lot of them at the barbecue held Friday afternoon, and they were all cool/ approachable. I ended up meeting with some of them later in LA for coffee, and included an interview with one of them in my book Creative Writing Career. Go to their panels and hear about the crazy and exciting way Pixar makes its movies. I wonder why they are all female? Not complaining, just wondering if that means I never have a shot… find out for me please!
  • Terry Rossio and James V. Hart – these two are in my top screenwriters list, and if I can get in to see any of their panels I will be ecstatic.
There are MANY other reasons to be excited, but I wanted to share some of my tops. It’s going to be epic (as the AFF always is).
The schedule is online, so please ping me and let me know which panels excite you the most!
As for me, I’ll only be there Thursday evening through Saturday morning, so be sure to find me in the Driskill or at the barbecue to say hello! If you’d like to see my panel, it’s the Video Game writing panel and a Saturday morning roundtable.

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