Justin Sloan

Justin Sloan Headshot

Justin is a video game writer at Telltale Games, published author, and screenwriter. He studied writing at the Johns Hopkins University and in the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television’s Professional Program in Screenwriting. Justin was in the Marines for five years and has lived in Japan, Korea, and Italy. He currently resides with his amazing family in the Bay Area.




Author site: www.JustinMSloan.com

Amazon site: www.amazon.com/Author/JustinSloan

Personal Blog: www.CreativeWritingCareer.com



Military Veterans in Creative Careers - Justin Sloan cover_take4final_final_final_send2











Military Veterans in Creative Careers: 

Amazon Kindle (US; UK), *Barnes & Noble Nook, *iBooks, Kobo

Audiobook: *

Creative Writing Career:

Amazon Kindle (US; UK), *Barnes & Noble Nook, *iBooks, *Kobo

Audiobook: Audible, iTunes, Amazon


* = Coming soon.



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