How to Kill a Giant


Maybe you’re writing a screenplay or novel.  Maybe you’re trying to get in shape for the first time in years.  Maybe you’re sifting through thousands of Google Images of “giant burgers” to try and find the right one to put at the top of your blog post.

Huge projects always feel overwhelming, daunting, and exhausting, but there are easy ways to trick your brain into believing you’ll reach your goal…

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Sharing Lessons Learned: Writing Screenplays

Writing ScreenplaysHow many times have you heard a new writer talk about their struggles, knowing that you have overcome those same hurdles? Or that same writer wonders what screenwriting conferences or events they should go to, and you’ve been. You know which ones suck and which ones are awesome. You have some experience that aspiring writers want, and I would like to announce a call to arms to share that information. That’s what we’re doing here at the Screenwriting Grotto, and we hope you all will find it useful and inspiring.


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